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In today's changing business environment, the security of your warehouse is important. Warehouses store valuable assets and inventory, which attracts theft and unauthorized access. You need an overall security solution that integrates the best intrusion detection system with an efficient access control system to safeguard your warehouse effectively. Below, we will understand the important parts of intrusion detection and the best access control systems for warehouses, including the benefits. We will also decide how to choose the best systems according to your specific needs.

What do we do?

Distribute Sensing Systems Information Security


24/7 Monitoring of communication line trays and conduits to ensure information security


Tracking fiber installed alongside the communications line to give information on the location of the delivery and notify any traffic or disturbance


Installation of multiple sensing fibers in Perimeter Security will keep track of any unusual movement and ensure security


Placing sensing fiber, customized based on ground conditions, property and client requirements


Multiple parallel spaced sensing fibers can further increase the probability of detection and location accuracy


Discrete Sensor Systems


Switches monitor and provide information at particular points such as doors, access hatches, floor sections, etc.


Available in multiple actuator configurations, for all your needs


A secure, passive, optically based system that cannot be electrically bypassed


Rugged and corrosion-resistant packaging is available

How do we do it?

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

The best Intrusion Detection System (IDS) serves as your vigilant guardian, providing round-the-clock security to ensure your peace of mind.

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are the frontline soldiers of any intrusion detection system. They work by sensing movement within a designated area. When unauthorized motion is detected, these devices trigger an alarm, notifying you or your security team of potential intruders.

Installation Tip : Proper placement and calibration of motion detectors are crucial for minimizing false alarms and maximizing detection accuracy.

Contact & Window/Door

Contact sensors are typically placed on doors and windows. These sensors consist of two parts - one attached to the door or window frame, and the other to the door or window itself. When these parts are separated (i.e., when a door or window is opened), an alarm is activated.

Installation Tip : Proper alignment and positioning of contact sensors are vital to ensure reliable operation.

Glass Break Detectors

These are designed to identify the unique sound frequencies produced when glass is broken. They protect important entry points, such as windows.

Installation Tip : Proper placement and sensitivity adjustment is important for glass break detectors to work effectively.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons offer a direct and immediate way to summon help in an emergency. They can be discreetly placed throughout your property and provide instant access to assistance when needed.

Installation Tip : Ensure that panic buttons are strategically located and easily accessible to occupants.

Smoke Sensors

Smoke sensors are an essential component of any comprehensive intrusion detection system. They not only detect the presence of smoke but also monitor for rapid temperature increases, signaling potential fires.

Installation Tip : Install smoke sensors in key areas of your property, especially in kitchens and bedrooms, for early fire detection.

Access Control System

We provide the best access control systems to secure your sensitive information, increase safety and reduce theft and accidents at your multiple properties.

Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint locks are a modern system of security technology. They utilize biometric data to grant access only to individuals with authorized fingerprints. This guarantees a high level of security while reducing the need for keys or access cards.

Installation Tip : Proper enrollment of authorized fingerprints is crucial for the accurate functioning of these locks.

Biometric Door Locks

Biometric door locks extend beyond just fingerprints; they can also use facial recognition or palm prints. These systems provide additional security and convenience.

Installation Tip : Ensure proper calibration and enrollment of biometric data for seamless access.

Card Readers

Card readers use access cards or key fobs to grant entry. They're adaptable and can be easily managed. They are a popular choice for various settings, from offices to apartment buildings.

Installation Tip : Managing access cards and regularly updating access privileges is key to a well-maintained system.

Gate Automation

Gate automation systems control entry and exit points, enhancing security for large compounds or office complexes. They can be operated remotely and integrated with other access control components.

Installation Tip : Gate automation systems require precise installation for optimal functionality and security.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks offer a mix of security and convenience. They can be controlled remotely and integrated with access control systems for centralized management.

Installation Tip : Ensure proper connectivity and power supply for electronic locks.

Iris Scanners

Iris scanners are among the most advanced biometric technologies available. They analyze unique iris patterns to grant access, offering an extremely high level of security.

Installation Tip : Iris scanners require precise positioning and calibration for accurate identification.

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The Best Intrusion detection systems use a combination of motion detectors, contacts, glass break detectors, and more to detect unauthorized access or security breaches.

Yes, our intrusion detection systems can be seamlessly integrated with your existing security infrastructure for enhanced protection.

An access control system restricts entry only to authorized personnel, preventing unauthorized access. This enhances overall security.

Our team of experts specializes in the best access control system installation, ensuring a stress-free setup as per your office's layout.

Yes, our access control systems can be remotely managed, allowing you to grant or revoke access privileges as needed, even when you're not on-site.