Is Your Warehouse Prepared for the Robot Revolution?

Warehouse worker wearing safety gear while collaborating with a cobot
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Is Your Warehouse Prepared for the Robot Revolution?

Posted on 08, Apr. 2024

Warehouses are busy environments with a lot of moving machines, huge burdens and possible risks. The major thing is to ensure that the workers are safe, and thankfully, technology has come to their aid. With all these technological breakthroughs, any reputable Warehouse construction company must emphasize safety to make sure that your employees get best working conditions.

This blog post highlights some of the ways through which companies can enhance warehouse functionality through advanced technologies like wearable devices, Internet of things (IoT) sensors and AI.

The foundation for Safety: Reliable Navigation

One of the most important things when it comes to robot-related safety is making sure that they can navigate reliably. In warehouses, forklifts and other mobile equipment are responsible for a large proportion of injuries, while mobile robots have similar risks. A collision may occur if an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) could not accurately determine obstacles and pedestrians

And this is where the focus should be:

• Improved Cameras and Machine Vision: Through advanced cameras as well as machine vision software, robots can default navigations more safely. These systems enable them to identify hazards faster than humans do, with higher accuracy.

The Power of IoT: An improved Internet-of-Things plays key role in enhancing Robots that have been installed with real-time sensor communication abilities can move more efficiently and consciously. Just think of an AGV that gets signals from floor sensors about potential spills or hindrances so that it could change its path.

Edge Computing and 5G Networks: Another major step forward is edge computing, which divides complex processing tasks among neighboring devices for quicker robot reaction times. Also, 5G networks offer higher bandwidths and speeds to deliver these intricate processes, thus enhancing safety in general.

These combined technologies create a more dynamic and responsive warehouse environment, significantly reducing the risk of collisions and accidents involving robots and humans.

Adaptable Cobots: Working Together, Working Safely

Collaborative robots, or co-bots, are another significant technology revolutionizing warehouse safety. Unlike traditional robots designed to operate independently, cobots are built to work alongside humans, fostering collaboration and reducing the risk of injuries.

Cobots adaptability is one of their main strong points. They can make changes in their workflows based on real-time data, often through IoT connectivity. Thus, they can avoid humans and change course as conditions change so as to keep human workers safe from them during such moments.

For instance, this is demonstrated by Amazons use of cobots such as Sequoia - A system that combines multiple robots to control and move inventory effectively. The adaptability of these cobots enables them to adjust to changing warehouse needs and prioritize worker safety. The results speak for themselves: in 2022, Amazon reported an extensive 15% decrease in recordable incident rates due to the implementation of cobots.

Artificial Intelligence: A Wider Vision

It cannot be denied that artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the most outstanding game changers in the technological world and even warehouse safety is among its victims. In several aspects, AI can improve robot safety:

Improved Robot Flexibility: Unlike traditional models, AI-powered robots are more predisposed toward adaptation, enhancing safer interactions with humans. Within a split second, machine learning algorithms enable robots to detect and respond to dangers, which makes them useful for guiding mobile robots away from collisions. Similarly, AI permits interpretation of situations by robots and adjustment of actions aimed at protecting human co-workers while keeping productivity intact.

Safety Predictive Analytics: With respect to any part within the warehouse, data from across can be analysed by AI to pinpoint dangerous areas. Advanced models can take it further suggesting improvements or preventive measures towards solving.

At Build My Infra, we understand the importance of creating a safe and productive work environment for your warehouse staff. We are committed to incorporating the latest technological advancements, like those discussed above, to achieve this goal