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Posted on 04, Aug. 2023

It is not easy to keep a warehouse or distribution center safe from many risks. A warehouse might be as little as a few thousand square feet or as large as 2 lakh square feet. Their infrastructure covers a huge region and can accommodate hundreds of different sorts of inventory. This makes protecting a warehouse a difficult operation that often necessitates a high number of manual guards.

Despite this, security frequently fails. The necessity of surveillance cameras is highlighted here. We will look at some of the most prevalent threats a warehouse faces and how CCTV systems can assist manage these risks throughout this blog. 



Observance of SOPs

CCTV cameras can be used to monitor employee movement and activity in the warehouse, as well as to ensure that fundamental operational procedures are followed. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. It provides that staff uses their time wisely, adhere to safety procedures, and are discouraged from stealing. This also saves floor managers time and effort in monitoring their personnel, allowing them to focus on the more critical aspects of their duties. 

Inventory management

At GRN tables, CCTV cameras and RFID devices can be utilized to identify and tag each piece of inventory and trace its travel throughout the warehouse. This makes it simple to locate any missing item quickly and helps to resolve inconsistencies in the inflow and outflow of commodities. For example, if a specific item of inventory goes missing, CCTV installation can help in immediately tracking it down to its last known location. 

Organize your storage

To maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity levels for varied inventory, a smart surveillance system can operate with light, temperature, and humidity sensors as well as energy control systems. The surveillance cameras can ensure that explosive materials are not stored in direct sunlight. It can also ensure that food and beverage goods are not stored near harmful substances such as acids and chemicals. 

Guarding at night

Warehouses are particularly vulnerable at night. Security personnel is scarce, and authorities' response times are delayed due to their remote locations. Surveillance cameras come in handy here. These devices have night vision and can monitor just as well at night as they can during the day. They can be utilized to help security guards because they can cover the entire warehouse at once. 

Instant notifications

A sophisticated CCTV camera can continuously monitor your facility and deliver immediate notifications if unusual activity is detected. A command center can readily verify the threats by viewing the live stream from the cameras. These cameras can assist authorities in initiating a faster and more effective response based on the threat if the proper ticket escalation processes are in place. In the event of a fire, for example, the command center can use the cameras to pinpoint the exact location and severity of the blaze and take appropriate action. 

Alerts for intrusion

Warehouses have a large perimeter with numerous entry and exit points. It is difficult for a small number of guards to cover the entire region at once. As a result CCTV installation can be deployed on the facility's perimeters, gates, and doors to virtually guard admission.

They may detect any intrusion using smart analytics and promptly notify the local manual guards. This means they can stop an assailant before they can inflict more damage by stealing or robbing you. 

Platform integration

These surveillance systems must be integrated with the rest of the sensors, access control systems, and energy management systems on the same platform. Users would be able to easily navigate between devices as a result of this. A cloud-based service for such a platform is also available. Anyone with valid credentials can access the platform from any remote location with only a mobile device and a working internet connection. 


We have seen how a CCTV installation can help increase warehouse security in a variety of ways. These cameras are constantly on the lookout for any dangers. These solutions can also be utilized to boost business efficiency and cut costs. We at BuildMyInfra can assist you in gaining an advantage over the competition and improving your client offering.