Can Access Control Systems Keep Up with Credential-Based Security?

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Can Access Control Systems Keep Up with Credential-Based Security?

Posted on 19, Dec. 2023

Keeping your company's resources and information safe and secure is very important. That's where access control comes in. It is a type of data security system that helps protect and control who can access your company's valuable assets and information. Access control systems provide a way for companies to identify and grant the appropriate level of access to their users. 

How Does Access Control Work?

Access control systems operate by recognizing users based on different credentials like PINs, usernames, and passwords. These systems decide how much access each user should have based on their credentials or qualifications. Four models of access control models are:

Mandatory Access Control

The most restrictive control model is the Mandatory one. It is typically used by organizations that require maximum security, with access limited to a sole, high-level operator. This model ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive resources.

Role-Based Access Control

Role-based one is the most popular control model. It provides access based on the different positions of the employees. Different roles within the organization have different levels of access, depending on their job requirements. For example, a production manager may have access to other areas and assets than a logistics manager.

Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary is the least restrictive control model. Once granted access, each user is provided with the same level of control. 

This means that everyone in the company, regardless of their job, can use and access everything that the company has. However, restrictions can still be applied on an individual basis if necessary.

Attribute-Based Access Control

Attribute-based access control assigns or denies access to users based on a set of rules and limitations defined by the system administrator. This system can be customized a lot, which means it's a popular choice for organizations that have specific and complicated needs.

Why is Access Control System Important?

Access control plays an important role in maintaining the security and safety of an organization. Here are a few key reasons why access control is important:

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas is the primary purpose of access control systems. By implementing these measures, companies can ensure that only authorized personnel can enter specific areas and access sensitive resources. This helps protect valuable assets and mitigates the risk of unauthorized activities.

Tracking the Movement of Individuals

They enable businesses to track the movement of individuals within their premises. By monitoring access points, these systems can identify who enters or exits a building or designated area. This tracking capability provides a record of individuals' activities, which can be helpful for security purposes and investigations if any misuse or unauthorized access occurs.

Reinforcing Data Security

Access control systems not only protect physical assets but also safeguard important information and data. By restricting access to systems and databases, these systems prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining sensitive information. This reinforces data security and reduces the risk of data leakage from both internal and external sources.

Enhancing Worker Safety

Worker safety is paramount in any organization, especially in manufacturing facilities where specialized equipment is used. This system can help enhance worker safety by restricting access to machinery and equipment to only those with the necessary training and credentials. This prevents unauthorized individuals from operating potentially dangerous equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Access control is a critical component of any. When companies use such measures, it helps them keep their resources safe and secure, avoid unauthorized access, protect important information, and make sure that workers stay safe. Choosing the right access control system can further enhance the effectiveness of your security system. Invest in the right tools and technologies to safeguard your organization and reap the benefits of increased efficiency and peace of mind.

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