5 key signs your office needs electrical maintenance

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5 key signs your office needs electrical maintenance

Posted on 04, Aug. 2023

Usually, most of us feel our home offices are the most comfortable and sophisticated place to do our work. We continuously stay up and spend so much of our hours and hours in our office to work, most of the time by carelessness we easily forget or ignore small electricity damages or changes because of thinking it's an unwanted extra expense to maintain electricity or considering not to be worried one. 

But you will regret it later for not having or considering electrical maintenance. Because there are a lot of home fires, deaths, and injuries in a year due to electrical issues. So keeping our environment safe is the most important one to focusing on our work and responsibility without any distractions and problems. 

To make you cautious, here are some important and potential most common signs of electrical issues that your office needs electrical maintenance. 

Circuit Breakers Getting Tripped regularly

Circuit breaker trips indicate that your circuit breaker is having trouble managing the current electrical load. It trips to protect the circuit from overheating. In most cases, circuit breakers trip due to either a circuit shorted to the ground or a circuit overload. This might happen once or twice a year which we do not want to be worried about, but in case it happens regularly or frequently then it’s a cause for concern. Overloaded circuits can be more complex, so it’s necessary you have to call an experienced electrical technician who might handle the issue with the required equipment to test for overloading and identify the source of the overload. They might help you from the risk of any kind of injury in the event of a short circuit, protect against overload, and stabilize the voltage.

Warm outlets

You have to be more careful when it comes to dead or warm outlets, it might look harmless but if any of the outlets in your office space refuses to turn on, even after resetting your circuit breaker, then you’re facing a serious electrical problem/issue which is riskier.

Your outlets don't need to be dead, if it’s even warm then you may be facing loose or damaged wiring or even your wire might be out of date/old enough to get it replaced.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of the issue accurately without professionals or electrical technicians. 

In some cases, electrical outlets might be warmer during the process of converting AC to DC power, so you can unplug the appliance and check back after one hour. If it doesn’t come back to room temperature after an hour then you need an electrician who can rectify this for you.

Electrical noises

Sometimes there might be annoying electrical noises in the office which disturb and irritates you during your work. If you want to confirm whether the noises are coming from electrical or not, then turn off your electrical circuit once and check it once, if the noise stops when it comes from the electrical system. You might also figure out where the electrical noise is coming from by checking every outlet, switch, or light fixture. 

To be cautious enough, don’t try to repair by yourself because if something goes wrong, you might risk yourself electrifying or creating fire risks. So better handling with the help of professionals is safer.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights might seem a small problem, but they can become a major source of distraction in your office work. It can even create and cause headaches, vision issues, and reduced energy levels. Flickering Lights could also increase your electricity costs. There could be several reasons but often it occurs if it is older buildings. If it is older than 30-40 years, then it might be outdated wiring, electrical systems, and devices. There may be other issues hidden in your walls, or there could be a fault in the wire itself. When it comes to wiring work, it’s better to call a well-qualified electrician to inspect to know what’s the cause.

Burning smell

If you notice something strange coming from any outlet, then there is a short circuit, so you have to immediately switch or unplug everything from it and call the electrical technician/professionals. There are a variety of reasons for the causes, but the most common one is insufficient electricity passing through the power supply. 


Though it might seem like small signs and unnecessary expenses to look for electrical maintenance, in the long run, it will cost you less (or even reduce cost) than the cost of not maintaining an electrical system. It reduces electrical risks and enhances safety in your home office. 

If you are searching for well-trained and qualified professionals in electrical work, then the BuildMyInfra platform will help to make it easier for you by providing all kinds of electrical work and services on one shelf to keep you safe and focused on your work in your office.