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Which is the better one to choose- Turnkey Construction Or Design-Build Construction?

Not most of us are real estate professionals or have good ideas or knowledge about the construction industry. But it is necessary and will be helpful to have some idea about construction ideas before deciding on who we are making responsible for an important construction project, it can be your office or home construction design.

Building construction projects have different points and aspects to start the process. There is a Traditional approach in which we engage with the architect to create a design and hire a construction contractor or company to build it. But today, in the modern age, customization is becoming a popular trend and many project owners are preferring for more control over the projects. It’s a want and desire for efficiency that led to a rise in both design-build and turnkey construction.

Let’s understand what is Design-build and turnkey construction first and then come to a conclusion on which one is better to choose for your construction.

Design-Build Construction:

Design-build construction is most popular in America. It is a project delivery system in which the owner undertakes complete control and coordinates with a single contractor who merges the design and construction service into one. Once the team is formed, they plan the project’s goals, budget, and construction schedule. It will be executed by the owner and the design-build team under the leadership of the lead contractor. If you want complete control over your next construction project then this approach will be a good fit for you. However, even though there are many advantages to this approach, there are some drawbacks that you need to consider.


  • Working with one single team can help to improve managing time and budget efficiency.
  • The owner of the project can contribute creatively to the design and have a better focus on the quality of construction.
  • It is one of the biggest advantages of choosing a design-build project as the design-build team focus to complete a project on time and within budget.
  • When Designers, Architects, Contractors, and Sub Contractors all work together under the owner of the project will allow for multiple good options to choose from in the draft.


  • A design-build construction project can be a problem if the project owner has no experience in construction
  • Working with one single team can have unavoidable conflicts at a certain time of the project which can even affect and lead to a delay in the project.
  • Any changes in between the project might lead to an additional cost for the project.

Turnkey Construction:

In Turnkey construction, it is similar to Design-build construction, that is the owners will be given the control to say what they want and how they want it to be done, but the only difference is that the contractor takes the entire responsibility for the project, or in other words, the owner hand over their project to the contractors to execute. Turnkey contractors are the sole ones responsible for the entire project. If you want to be hassle-free of the project and concentrate on other important activities, then it is a one-stop solution where the contractor handles everything from communication and planning to execution with the help of different teams to finish the project on time and within budget. Even though this sounds great for you, it also has some drawbacks that you need to consider.


  • Turnkey constructions save valuable time and money for the owner
  • Any additional costs, in case your project hits setbacks, have to be borne by the contractor as they are responsible for the entire project.
  • They ensure efficiency in the construction process and help the project’s owner to be saved from a lot of stress.


  • Turnkey construction gives the owners less control over the result.
  • It limits the input and choices of the owner
  • The budget of a turnkey project increases in certain situations.


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