Parking Lot CCTV Camera

Parking Lot (CCTV)

According to a recent survey, most of the crimes occur in a parking lot. Being the owner, it becomes your responsibility to keep your parking lot a safe place. A safe place where, there is no place of crime, or place where no parked cars are burgled or damaged, that could eventually turn away customers.

But the question is how to keep your property and the people safe?

Parking Lot Safety Tips and Security Solutions

  • Adding security signs to the parking lot.
  • You can add fencing and a security gate around the lot.
  • Emergency phones
  • Additional lighting to deter criminals.

But for proactive security you need much more than that because no security guard would be able to defend criminals, also they’re much expensive.

Because of these challenges, businesses like office parks, parking lots, shopping malls, or even apartments are adding live video monitoring. There are numerous advantages of having CCTV surveillance around you.

Advantages of Modern Parking Surveillance Cameras

We can set up a burglar alarm, which is programmed to trigger an audio alert to deter criminals. The alarm automates responses when certain protocols are breached.

Intruders or criminals might hear a loud voice that warns them that they have been seen and the authorities are on their way. When a burglar alarm is triggered, the security professionals get addressed that there is some issue.

You can enhance your video monitoring parking lot solution with:

  • License plate recognition features : This feature usually captures the characters on a plate and record the data. The data is stored off-site and not on the server, as surveillance security is cloud-based.
  • Long-range video cameras : These cameras have the ability to see great distances, can see clearly day or night. They can capture detailed images including faces or license plates.
  • Motion sensors detect actions : CCTV surveillance cameras with motion sensors detect every little thing, the camera programs to do things like zoom in on the movement. This can be combined with an alarm feature and all the recordings go into the cloud.
  • Thermal imaging cameras : These cameras can be set up where the lighting is low. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to protect overnight car lots or long-term airport parking lots.

Factors to consider when choosing parking lot cameras

  • Night Vision : Night vision cameras help you get clear footage even in low light. As long as the car is parked there, go for cameras with night vision capability.
  • Resolution : Image quality is certainly an important factor and it only comes with high-resolution cameras. This is the only way you’ll be able to identify the intruder or criminal. Can also bring the license plate number close enough.
  • Weatherproof : If your parking lot cameras will be placed outdoors make sure must be waterproof. Go for cameras that can survive through climatic conditions. Parking lot cameras are generally hard to break or steal when installed with professional installation services.
  • Motion sensors and zooming features : Motion sensor cameras are highly recommended as it detects every movement. These cameras sense all action when there’s any kind of movement. Also, you can zoom in and follow movements around the parking lot.
  • Motion detection cameras can also save money and time.

Final Thoughts

The security of your parking lot is none less than the interior of your business premises. It is equally important, having the right security for your parking lot is necessary to boost security. Once you’ve chosen the best fit, have them installed, and keep running you’ll feel much safer and the risk of your security place is too low.

We will get you the best fit for your specific parking lot.


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