Warehouse Security Measures

Warehouses are the heart of the supply chain industry. Companies all across the world rely on their warehouses to store valuable components of their business. Security issues in the warehouse will lead to financial losses as well as lower employee morale. That is why unauthorized warehouse entry must be protected by implementing proper security measures. The value of a warehouse, or more precisely, its contents, is well understood by criminals. An unattended warehouse is an open invitation to burglars looking for high-value commodities to resell. Therefore, security in warehouses is one of the most important aspects of operations for many business enterprises.

The Importance of Warehouse Security

Inventory loss due to warehouse theft or negligence, regardless of insurance coverage, can be a costly and unpleasant experience. Your merchandise should be safe and secure at all times. That is why it is important to have trust in your warehouse provider to store your goods and products in a facility that meets the highest security standards and employs cutting-edge warehouse theft prevention technology. An effective warehouse security system should have alarm systems that work 24/7, video surveillance technology, and coordinated security patrols.

Security Measures to Safeguard Your Warehouse

1.     CCTV surveillance cameras: Warehouse security requires strategically positioned video surveillance cameras. Cameras and video provide a permanent record of activity that is preserved for a set period. Business owners and managers can monitor the video system in real-time from wherever they are with a remote system. Consider installing a video surveillance security system that provides you with:

  • High-quality real-time recording in multiple areas
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quick video footage retrieval
  • Integration with other security systems

CCTV cameras should be installed both inside and outside the warehouse. They should be placed in areas with adequate lighting. When motion sensor lighting is used, it can help ensure that there is adequate lighting when required.

2.       Alarm System: One of the most important components of a warehouse security system is an alarm system with alarm monitoring. The video surveillance system’s remote monitoring provides you with not just an alert that something is happening but also a video of the actual scenario. The size of your warehouse, the number of zones, and the types of access within the premises are the factors that will influence your alarm system. Some other system components (fire, smoke, gas, chemicals, etc.) may also be integrated with some of the alarm solutions.

 3.       Motion Sensors: An effective alarm system heavily relies on motion sensors. Motion detection alarms can send notifications to your security firm and/or police enforcement in the event of unauthorized access to the warehouse or a zone, which is prevalent in warehouses.

Some other Security Factors That should be implemented in a Warehouse:

  • Sturdy Building Structure:  Check the structure of your building and the environment around it regularly to see if any repairs are required. Clean out debris and unwanted material to eliminate hiding areas and create clear lines of vision.
  • Proper Lighting: Make sure that there is adequate lighting both inside and outside the warehouse. Ensure that all entrances and exits, gates, loading docks, outdoor storage facilities, parking lots, fence lines, and the property's perimeter are well-lit.  Burned-out or damaged lights should be replaced.
  • Fencing: The perimeter fence of a warehouse is an ideal initial line of defense. It provides security to your employees while also preventing criminal activity. The fencing of your property should be in good condition.  If you don't have or are unable to install fencing, set up systems to track who enters your property. Professionally implemented access control systems can be quite complex and successful when it comes to documenting unauthorized entrances. These systems are frequently integrated into other security systems to add extra layers of protection.
  • Access Control System: An effective warehouse security system should have access control systems installed. Access Control Systems keeps a track of who enters and exits the building. It could be a lock and key or a key code for employees. Access control systems keep track of who enters and exits a building. It could be a lock and key or a key code for employees. With these systems, even a misplaced fob or key code can be quickly canceled, which helps to retain a level of security.
  • Implement a Sign-In Process: If your warehouse is busy, use a sign-in/log-in process to keep track of visitors and deliveries. If people come and go throughout the day in your warehouse, keeping a sign-in book or log will help you keep track of what's going on. Non-workers should be required to sign in before being granted access to the premises, especially if your staff uses a security system. This also makes it easy to trace who is in your warehouse in the event of an emergency.


Any negligence in warehouse security allows thieves to steal the product and make a quick buck easily. The above-mentioned security solutions aren’t the only ones that you can use to secure your warehouse. While no security system is completely unbreakable by criminals, combining all of these steps helps to build a highly secure warehouse that reduces risks and better protects your goods. To keep your warehouse running smoothly, you should make investments to build an effective warehouse security system. At BuildMyInfra we provide a whole range of services such as CCTV & Surveillance, Alarm Systems, Motion Sensors, and many more that can help you in securing your warehouse. Contact BuildMyInfra for more information.


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