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"Nothing we do is ever going unnoticed, it's on CCTV cameras, on iPhones, it's everywhere." - Anastasia Griffith

Neighbors and relatives are not enough surveillance nowadays, You are being watched is the need of the hour for many solutions.

Because of the increase in thefts and vandalism, the market for security cameras is growing at a much faster pace. The positive impact on the security camera market is also because of growing urbanization, infrastructural developments, expansion of business across the globe. Moreover, the initiatives are taken by the Indian government for the safety and other companies coming forward to take care of its employees' welfare also play a major role in boosting the market.

CCTV Cameras can the best investment for your space.

The purchase of CCTV systems can be one of your best buys as it factors to the opportunity of return on investment. Not only will it protect against employee theft and poor work output, but it will also increase workplace safety and lower insurance costs.

In the aspect of monitoring workflow and productivity, if you're concerned that your employees aren't being as productive as they potentially could be, then CCTV cameras will be able to shed some light on where their time is being spent throughout the working day. This would be especially useful for retail businesses, further exposing your company's operational model.

Build My Infra provides CCTV monitoring system in Banking and ATM solutions, Retail and supermarkets, Warehouses, Schools and colleges, Plants and factories, parking and toll gates, and video wall and control room,

Knowing safety is not enough, you have to practice it!

Protecting your employees is of prime importance, and so CCTV cameras should be installed at all entry and exit points throughout your premises. They should also be installed in the car parking to make your employees feel safer, particularly during the winter when the light fades earlier in the day. This can help to prevent assaults, theft, and vandalism, thus improving everyday operations within your company.

Image quality can also help to solidly identify a perpetrator, so we recommend investing in a state-of-the-art system to help protect both your business and your employees. The security of commercial space, be it an office, retail unit, warehouse, it is of the utmost importance to monitor your space both day and night to ensure its safety. The purchase of a security camera is a kind of investment on part of developing your integral part of safety measures and comes with its advantages.

Many Countries have shown that it is possible to reduce the spreading of the Novel Coronavirus by implementing strong protective measures while trying to keep the economy going. One of those measures is the use of a non-contact infrared camera to screen for elevated skin temperatures (EST) in the workplace. This is critical to re-open / keep open factories, buildings, construction sites, and businesses. Employees and visitors need their temperature checked to help in the containment of the virus.

Thermal cameras are seeing an industry boom, and many other security firms across the globe have begun marketing their products as potential tools to deploy against the spread of the pandemic. The use of thermometers is already replaced by the thermal cameras in all entrances and exits of most public places.

At Build My Infra we are committed to providing you with all the security assurances with the help of Cctv surveillance and with services thereafter. We trust you stay safe during this pandemic with your loved ones.

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