What should be the Appropriate CCTV for your Warehouse and Why it is important?

What should be the Appropriate CCTV for your Warehouse and Why it is important?

Many warehouses use security guard that is not only ineffective but unreliable and high cost also. CCTV are not just about security, but it’s about understanding and insight. Information and insight that can help you improve efficiency, achieve better quality and design better procedures to protect your warehouse.

The bigger question – Analog or Digital?

People generally cannot decide whether to choose an Analog camera or a Digital CCTV. These points will clear all your doubts. The best option for a CCTV monitoring system that you can use in your warehouse depends on various factors because they both have their pros and cons.

Analog Digital
Analog cameras tend to cost less Have a higher cost
Less area coverage Greater CCTV Coverage
Low Image Quality Higher Surveillance Image Quality
Wired Cameras Reduces Wiring In CCTV System
Requires High time for Installation Less time for installation
Low Bandwidth Requirement High Bandwidth Requirements
Requires Less Storage Storage Requirements Are More
Low Data Security High Data Security
Wider variety of analog camera designs Remote Accessibility To Surveillance System

Therefore, with the above points select what is most needed in the storage of your warehouse that may determine the appropriate CCTV viewing.

Importance of Installing CCTV in your Warehouse.

CCTV cameras encourage employees and consumers to behave in the same way. It also gives customers a sense of safety and security as they know they are safe and gives them confidence to do the job with you. CCTV cameras can be installed in high-risk areas of a warehouse or establishment.

Benefits that can be saved by archives by installing a video monitoring system, including-

  • Prevent and reduce the chances of theft- CCTV cameras are located in strategic locations that can prevent those employees from proceeding with their plans, thus leading to a safer workplace.
  • Real-time Video Surveillance- Today, when it comes to technology, such monitoring can be easily done from a remote computer, cell phones or tablets.
  • Practical Evidence of Crime - Most of the time, judges or judges make perfect decisions by monitoring CCTV footage and dismissing the perpetrator accordingly. The presence of CCTV on your foundation benefits not only your employees and your property, but also the community.
  • Production of Better Employees - It has been found that employees tend to work harder when viewed by CCTV cameras. Employing employees electronically also ensures your supervisor has more time to work on critical aspects of their job rather than focusing on the public interest.
  • Resolve Internal Storage Disputes - No matter what category of storage you use, disputes should arise. These conflicts can be between employees and managers, between employees and you, or even employees themselves. Often, in such cases, you will have to decide what is wrong before things get out of hand.
  • Beware of High-Risk Areas- If you own a factory or work with chemicals or hazardous materials, you will definitely have several hazardous areas in your area where overcrowding can be found. At the same time, installing CCTV cameras in those areas not only reduces the risk of someone viewing such dangerous places, but also allows you to see the scene in real time.


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