Top 6 Ways - How and Why Should Companies Go Green

The human fingerprint on climate change is massive and the need for the hour calls for immediate action. The increasing population is causing adverse effects on the habitat. If one thinks going green is the latest fad that will be over soon, they are highly mistaken. A company's responsibility towards society should supersede all its objectives and goals. Consumers are now as much interested in the company's Corporate Social Responsibility as they're in the services they provide.

Companies are now switching to greener ways and rewarding their stakeholders for active participation. A lot of corporate waste can be reduced by inculcating some steps in the regime. The simple practices of reusing, reducing, and recycling go a long way. These steps will not only save the environment but also save money, resources, and energy a brand has to invest in. A survey conducted recently shows that a huge section of buyers in the society wants to go for products that are eco-friendly to make a wise and responsible purchase. Apart from direct profits, a company can enjoy benefits like tax savings, higher efficiency, a green, and healthier workplace. By switching to a greener regime and increasing awareness, a brand can improve its reputation and image. In the end, the contentment of contributing to the environment that provides you with innumerable resources is unparalleled and should be the real driving force.

Simple steps like switching off lights dutifully, car-pooling, recycling paper, and refilling ink cartridges instead of going for new ones can help. Sustainability can be good to promote awareness amongst the workers too. Keeping the guidelines in check and following industry standards for workplaces that involve exposure to toxic pollutants can be really useful too. By keeping a stringent check, you can make sure of the well-being of your workers. Healthy workers contribute to a more lively and energetic environment which is overall beneficial for the company's efficiency.

Green Warehousing has emerged as a successful practice in the recent past. This practice includes some simple steps like:

1 . Switching to energy-saving LED lights

  • This step might seem a little heavy on the pocket initially but can help you save significant money and energy in the future. Replacing your old bulbs and lights with environmentally friendly options like LED in larger spaces can help you take an initial step towards a greener planet.

2 . Auditing by HVAC experts

  • Regular auditing of your HVAC plant can be really helpful too. The experts can check if your current setup is efficient and tell you the savings you can make by adopting the right techniques. A lot of energy and cost can be saved by following this step.

3 . Using biodegradable packaging

  • Try to use less packaging material. This will cut down on your shipping expenses. Traditional packaging materials can take years to decompose and cause a lot of land pollution too. Using biodegradable packaging reduces waste and the carbon footprint is lowered too.

4 . Buying modern equipment

  • Using old equipment can consume a lot of energy as the device loses its efficiency over time. Newer technologies are more ergonomic and one should switch to them for better usage of resources. Paying attention to the intricacies can help a lot. Check the wattage ratings for heavy-duty machines to lower your electricity expenses. After you've switched, make sure that your new replacement is maintained regularly for better results.

5 . Proper Insulation

  • An insulated warehouse helps in maintaining the right ambient temperature and reduces energy costs widely. Coating your roof with bright paint helps reflect sunlight which results in saving electricity and decreasing the overall expenditure.

6 . Reducing, Recycling and Reusing

  • Toxic materials can cause pollution on a large scale, taking years to decompose. To promote sustainability, it's recommended to reuse the materials so that you do not have to make the same expenses again. Plastic should be replaced by metal wherever possible.

For every citizen, protecting their environment should be very important. All our small practices can contribute to the larger good. Talking more about things helps in spreading awareness. Earth needs us now more than ever. Let's pledge towards adopting better practices to make Earth a greener planet.

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