Mechanical Electrical Plumbing is an integral part of Planning and decision making. Build my Infra specifically encompasses the in-depth design, selection, installation, and management of the system. We have made the process as smooth as possible by taking care of everything with our specialized team.

What do we do:

We follow proper 5 step protocol and keep in touch with our clients at every step. These steps ensure proper structure and prevention which is our top priority. Here are the steps we follow:

Step 1: Accurate documentation

We make sure to audit the site with our experts to understand how we can proceed with a design based on business requirements.

Step 2: Planning and Designing

We come up with various plans and designs that can suit your needs, we take the utmost precaution based on our documentation.

Step 3: Cost-estimation

Our trusted vendors work with in-house engineers and project managers to offer the lowest possible price, which allows for accurate budget planning.

Step 4: Construction & Operations

After having an open discussion with the client we begin with building and constructing. Our managers and blue-collar workers are trained to work within the timeline.

Step 5: Maintaining the resulting facilities

Unlike most other competitors we don't leave our sites after construction, we make sure that the maintenance is also on our hands. Our maintenance crew works with you to ensure nothing is out of place.

How do we do it?

hvac service
  • Optimal Design on cooling load requirements for Warehouse and industrial buildings.
  • Comfortable ventilation systems for warehouses to function smoothly.
  • Solutions for external Airflow Systems.
plumbing service
  • Efficient Plumbing System Installation for Warehouse and industrial buildings.
  • Efficient sanitary provisions through the right provisions.
  • From underground Plumbing utility and casing to Tubewells location is provided by us
sewage service
  • Best Solution & Optimal Piping in effective Sewage collection and Industrial Waste disposal.
  • We give a separate network for Storm Water Drain, Sewer Services for accurate point of disposal convenience.
  • Sewage Treatment plants as per the project requirements such as solutions for greywater.
Rain Water Harvest Service
  • Rainwater harvesting is efficient and environmental friendly.
  • We have every perfect way of Rainwater Harvesting, Storage, and utilization processes in Warehouse.
  • We have capabilities to design solutions for all types of RWH systems as per the requirements.

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