AMC increases the life of your warehouse

How getting an AMC increases the life of your warehouse

Why is maintenance proven to be a key factor in extending the life of a warehouse, reducing downtime, and lowering overall costs?

In a world where maintenance is considered underrated, a maintenance contract becomes essential for your warehouse to increase its life.

Good maintenance is necessary, that’s why annual maintenance contracts AMC’s are so popular and important. When you have AMC at your place, your maintenance need will be taken care of during the year ahead.

The machines used in warehouses are usually very expensive and often custom-made. If a single piece of equipment fails it leads to significant loss of the entire warehouse. This makes AMC highly necessary and worthwhile for your warehouse. The benefits of AMC are always worth the cost.

What could be the possible reasons that we need maintenance?

  • Lack of available resources
  • Inconvenient Timing
  • Disorganization or lack of planning
  • Misunderstanding the benefits of maintenance

In so many cases, all these factors arise at once. Then it will create a need for maintenance, and if it is not addressed it will add operational costs, emergency costs, etc.

These maintenance issues do not generally arise from poor facility management. They generally occur from a lack of resources and prioritization decisions.

7 Benefits of AMC to your warehouse.

  • Predictable Fixed Costs : Usually, in a warehouse, there are always unforeseen costs that certainly affect the entire budget. But with an annual maintenance contract, all these events can be predicted before resulting in maintaining a cost for a long-term, fixed basis.
  • Guaranteed access to maintenance support at any time : An old cliché holds for maintenance: the only thing you can predict about it is that it will be unpredictable (unless you’re using predictive maintenance technology, of course) AMC believes in 24/7 services solutions, no matter what situation you’re in, AMC will be available at your door any time.
  • Logistical Improvement : A warehouse with AMC includes a holistic approach to all aspects of maintenance practice, i.e. increasing the life of the warehouse.
  • Extended warehouse life via equipment :Maintenance is generally treated as when there’s some breakdown arises, but it is an ongoing process where the primary intent is to keep equipment running in top shape as long as possible.
  • Reduced Downtime : Maintenance reduces downtime by minimizing the time caused by equipment malfunctions. The long-term holistic approach of AMC can allow downtime planning, ensuring scheduled maintenance which usually disrupts during the production schedule, and reduce timings i.e. long-term life of your warehouse.
  • Expert Technicians at your warehouse : To have expert technicians at your warehouse is always a good thing. You know you can call them up any time and expect for the right kind of work, could be a great relief.
  • Get more out of your equipment or facilities : If you rely on the equipment or hardware you have in one place, you’ll want to get the most out of that each day. And the way to ensure that you need to maintain it, in that case, you’ll require AMC. That way it will remain efficient and perform well consistently.

Sometimes, you might not notice inefficiency problems, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening or doesn’t impact your warehouse. But with proper and regular maintenance, this won’t have to be something that you need to worry about because experts will take care of that.

Things you should always check:

  • Check your HVAC system : Your heating, ventilation, and cooling are integral to the success of your warehouse. If you’re A/C goes bust at the height of summer, it makes a negative impact. To avoid the cost of repair in the event of future damage HVAC system is regularly inspected.
  • Check your CCTV System : The quality we always expect to perceive depends on the CCTV’s consistent performance. For that it requires maintenance, and maintenance of CCTV requires special skills which are provided by AMC.
  • Check your Fire Fighting System : Fire safety should anyway be a priority to any warehouse. AMC scans the perimeter to ensure that there is no risk of fire.
  • Check Essential Assets : Your warehouse’s main assets will be regularly used equipment that contributes to success.
  • Complete Property Maintenance for communities : It’s important to perform routine aspects to keep tenants safe, and preserve the health and value of the property. Water damage, for instance, can be easily preventable with routine inspections and maintenance.

Annual Maintenance Contract can be as complicated or as simple as you make it. You should always focus on a handful of preventive maintenance actions at a time to keep the process manageable and affordable and the little precautions you’ll be taking now will contribute to a safer, more successful warehouse in the long run.


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