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Five Signs that your Access Control System needs to change

Access control systems are an excellent way to keep your company or property safe by granting and refusing guests access as well as monitoring entry. While access control systems are an effective security mechanism, if the device is outdated, it could be causing more damage than good. Older devices have a proclivity for breaking down or malfunctioning.

Furthermore, newer technologies have additional technical capabilities that help to keep the property secure. If you haven't changed the access control system in a while and aren't sure if it's time, look for the following signals.

1.   Unauthorized Visitors

  • Break-ins or unwanted guests in your property are two of the most telling signs that it's time to update your access control system. The most common justification for businesses and landowners to add access control devices is to keep unwanted persons out. If your access control scheme isn't up to par, it's time to replace it.
  • More sophisticated technologies, such as guest tracking and entryway sealing, as well as keycards that are more difficult to replicate, are available in newer schemes. If your access control system is still allowing unwanted people in, it's time to update to a more modern system.

2.   Inability to Integrate

  • Access control devices that are older and have less modern hardware would not be able to communicate with other security technologies in the property. Newer technologies, on the other hand, allows for convergence with the security system, allowing you to register users and seal entryways when an intruder is identified. They will even work with the building's fire detection and other warning systems.
  • The device will unseal all exits in an emergency and seal exits or entryways in the case of some kind of emergency. Finally, the alarms will sound in the event of unauthorized entry. Your building isn't well secured if your new access control system can't integrate with your other security systems. It's time to update.

3.   Inadequate Tracking Capabilities

  • The ability to watch who comes in and out of the building is one of the most important aspects of access control systems. Allowing and refusing entry is vital, but if you can't keep track of your tenants, your building isn't properly secured. It's important to know where the staff are at all times, as well as where they usually enter and exit the office.
  • It's also crucial to know when and where people entered and exited the house. The ability to trace people's movements is critical in the case of an accident or a security breach in order to keep everybody safe and apprehend any suspects. If your current system does not allow for thorough monitoring, it might be time to update in order to keep your building secure.

4.   No Remote Controls

  • Remote access is a newer aspect of access management. Any access management systems give you warnings and let you track access from your smartphone. Additionally, if an employee forgets their keycard and you are not there, you can allow entry to guests remotely.
  • Remote surveillance and connectivity provides an extra layer of protection to the building by allowing you to monitor its security from either location.If your access control system does not have these remote capabilities, you should consider upgrading to improve the security of your house.

5.   Frequently Occurring Failures

  • Another sign that it's time to update your access control system is if your current system has been failing. It's time to update your device if registered guests are being rejected, you're getting error messages, you're getting alerts, and you're having to check authorised keycards multiple times.
  • Newer technologies would have less flaws and a more efficient method for resolving any problems. Access control systems that are newer are often fitted with better hardware that is designed to reduce errors. It's time to update the access control system if it's constantly breaking down and causing errors.


  • So, if you have the time to meet one of the five signals, you may want to think about replacing your old access control system. Finally, this is the twenty-first century, and an access control scheme that is intuitively suited to new demands is needed.


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