Fire Detection and Safety System

Fire Fighting & Alarm System

BuildmyInfra manufactures of quality fire detection safety systems that can make workplaces safer. This is why our range of products is a result of extensive research and development.

Here is how we ensure that our customers get the best Fire Safety Solutions:
  • Our Technocrats come up with technological solutions based on your business or home needs. These solutions are innovative and unfound, and yet user-friendly.
  • Management Staff works day and night to reach the promised results.
  • Quality Controllers test the products before giving to any customers over and over again. We promise 100% security and precaution from our side.
  • Technicians are experts in planning, placing and installation of the products to make sure that there are no errors.
  • Customer care is of the utmost importance to us, after installation, we make sure there are no errors in the functioning.

We are the front runners in the supplying, maintenance, and repair of fire safety equipment arena The reason why we continue to come up with more modern and efficient solutions is to help businesses make workplaces safer for their employees.

How do we do it?

Fire Alarm System

  • We provide an early and effective detection system for Early Smokes, Fire, or CO2 presence through visual and audio systems.
  • We deliver high-quality and user-friendly Manual Fire Alarm systems, smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual call points that are placed strategically throughout your workplace.

Fire Sprinkler System

  • We Provide active fire protection via a 24/7 water supply distribution piping for all your Warehouse and industrial buildings
  • We give you the optimal positioning of Fire Sprinklers in factories and large commercial buildings. This positioning is based on fire escape routes, proximity to a fare safety tool, and other factors.

Fire Hydrant System

  • We provide Electrical Driven / Diesel Fire Pump and Jockey Pump Installation services that are customized to your business needs.
  • We provide Fire Hydrant Nozzles, FHC, and brigades for Fire fighting for Warehouses.